A city inspired
Art is the he

The he of the city
The arts are good for the city.  They encourage economic stimulation, as those who visit a performance or an art show tend to also pay for parking and purchase food.  They invite tourists to stay a bit longer to soak up more experiences, and they promote civic engagement.

The he of inspiration
The arts bring out the best in humanity.  They remind people of true prosperity, promoting goodness, creativity and beauty.  The ability of community members to work together on areas of common interest contributes to the wellbeing of its individuals.

Art is the he
The importance of engaging youth in the arts cannot be overlooked.  Opportunities for participation encourage connection to the city, while passion for the arts ignites adult volunteerism.  The best way to promote adult involvement is the enticement of creating a better future for the youth of the community. 


The arts bond people together through a shared exposure to beauty and the
conversations that follow that experience.

Civic pride is bolstered by the arts, encouraging residents to engage more frequently with neighbors and local businesses.

The arts spark creativity and innovation, which are among the top five applied skills
sought by employers in the 21st century.

Tourist are more likely to stay in town, eating at restaurants and staying in hotels,
when there are multiple opportunities for experiencing the arts.

Opportunities for youth involvement in the arts encourage them to engage in civi
 activities and put down roots in the community.

Thank you to the businesses and individuals who help bring arts and people together through the quality programs of the following agencies.

Funded Agencies: 

Allied Arts Council
Creative Arts Productions
Performing Arts Association
Robidoux Resident Theatre
St. Joseph Community Chorus

Saint Joseph Symphony

Thank you to all who support the arts in any amount!  
[ Arts Fund Contributors ]

The Arts Fund is operated by the Allied Arts Council to benefit its member agencies and the St. Joseph community.




A message from the
Arts Fund Chairs 

When the Allied Arts Council Board of Directors asked us to serve once again as Arts Fund chairs, we both responded with a resolute yes! As patrons of the arts and parents of children who took advantage of the arts education opportunities the arts community provides, helping raise funds to support these valuable programs seems like a small price to pay for all of the positive things the arts have done for our families and our community.

A city inspired. All great communities have a vibrant arts scene, and our arts community is as active and vibrant as ever, thanks to the generous arts patrons like you who contribute annually to the Arts Fund Drive. When you contribute to the Arts Fund you are affirming the importance of the arts in our city, you understand Art is the heart.

Thanks to arts patrons like you, the annual Arts Fund campaign has continued to grow allowing our member agencies to better provide our community with diverse offerings from arts education, to workshops to intimate concerts and plays to full-scale musicals and symphonies. In 1983, the first campaign raised $67,000; last year, thanks to the generosity of our community, we raised $230,000 to support the programs of seven funded agencies.

This year our goal is to raise $235,000 but we need your help to make it happen. Please consider increasing your annual gift by 2%.

Thank you in advance for your support as our seven funded agencies create art with heart.

Yours in the arts, 

Janie Findley & Denise Meyer