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Fine Artists Trails West! 2015 

"heART for the City"

heART for the City

2015 Fine Artists

Gary's Gallery
fine art photography

Gloria Shanahan Fine Art in Pencil
graphite on illustration board, mixed with charcoal and acrylic
Images by Davenport
original wildlife and nature photography
Jerry H. Brown
combination of hard and soft pastels on paper, most often Midwestern landscapes
Discover Art
combination of wheel-thrown and hand-built pieces
Eagle Rock Jewelry
unique contemporary & Native American style jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, glass, carved bone & wood etc.
Gary Allen
fabricated, forged, cast, found and cut metals
Martha Moore Images
nature & wildlife photography
Mary Korneman Watercolors
 watercolor landscapes
Turnings by JusKim
lathe turned hallow form vessels created from Burl wood and inlaid with geniuine semi-precious stone
Jeremy Morton Art
acrylic screen print on paper
Roger Cissner
digital photography of Missouri and other areas
Sarah Butler Arts
stick and pan pastel landscapes
Redstone Pottery
wheel thrown functional ceramics created from hand harvested clay
Diana M Turner Art
watercolor paintings
Wanda Taylor
drawings in colored pencil
Klaus Kuntscher
water color
Erin Shevling
hand-made functional and sculptural ceramic pieces
DW Pottery
functional hand-thrown pottery
Lords Diversified
inks are mixed creating fervent colors, painted on framed art board, embellished with a resin finish

Arts Incubator Artists

Aaron Schmidt  


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