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The Public Art in St. Joseph has really started to grow in the last few years. The public art collections display works of art on the streets, sidewalks and in front of businesses throughout St. Joseph.

The public art aims to:

  • Promote the appreciation and integration of high-quality accessible art in St. Joseph
  • Heighten public awareness of the importance of art in enriching the quality of life for our citizens
  • Build partnerships with other public and private entities to further interest in the arts
  • Increase opportunities for residents and visitors to participate in a range of artistic endeavors
  • Enhance the positive identity and image of our City through a coordinated public art program
  • Establish public and private policies that incorporate public art within a well-designed environment reflecting imagination and a strong sense of place
  • Provide the resources to support the public art program
  • Support the viability of professional artists

The Allied Arts Council has public art through our St. Joseph Sculpture Walk program, and our Traffic Box Program. St. Joseph is also home to many pieces of public art, some well known and some hidden treasures. You can find those pieces by going here.  

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