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2013 Contributors     [ Individuals ]


PACESETTERS PLUS ($5000 & above)

City of St. Joseph, Missouri
Heartland Health

Heartland Health Employees

St. Joseph News-Press

St. Joseph School District Employees

Thanksgiving Fund 

PACESETTERS ($1,500-$4,999)

Altec Industries
American Family Insurance
Commerce Bank of St. Joseph
Hillyard Industries

Missouri Western State University Employees

Nestle Purina PTC
Nodaway Valley Bank
Sunshine Electronic Display Corp.
U. S. Bank

U. S. Bank Employees

BUSINESS COUNCIL PLUS ($1,000 - $1,499)

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
Hy-Vee Food Store

BUSINESS COUNCIL ($500 - $999)

Commerce Bank of St. Joseph Employees

Downtown Rotary #32

Lafayette High School Employees

Midland Steel Co.

Missouri State Employees Charitable Campaign

MWSU Foundation

St. Joseph School District Downtown Employees

Stevenson Family Pharmacy
Sumner Carter Hardy & Schwichtenberg, P.C.
Triumph Foods

BUSINESS DONOR ($250 - $499)

1st Street Graphics
American Angus Association
Ameri-Pac, Inc.

Benton High School Employees
Bessie Ellison Accelerated School Employees
Central High School Employees

CliftonLarsolAllen LLP
Denise Kiehnhoff, CPA

Eugene Field Accelerated School Employees

First Bank of Missouri
Fredrick Inn, Inc.
Heaton Bowman Smith & Sidenfaden Chapel

Joseph Robidoux Middle School Employees
KCP&L Employees

Kiwanis Club
Knights of Columbus-#5067
Thomas & Burns

Thomas A. Edison School Employees
Troester Media Center Employees

Water Doctor

Webster Learning Center Employees

BUSINESS DONOR ($100 - $249)

Ag Processing, Inc.
Butchart Flowers

Charles A. Lindbergh Accelerated School Employees

Chase Candy Co.
Cochran Head Vick & Co. P.C.
Dr. Rosenak's Optical Options, Inc.
East Hills Optimist Club
Edward D. Jones

F.L. Skaith Accelerated School Employees
G.M. Coleman Accelerated School Employees
Hall Accelerated School Employees
Hosea Accelerated School Employees

J Franklin Gallery
Ken Smith Autobody, L.L.C.

Mark Twain Accelerated School Employees

Mark Twain PTA
Meyer Floors
Midwest Federal Savings
Missouri American Water
National Beef Leathers, LLC
Nor-Am Cold Storage
North American Savings Bank

Noyes Accelerated School Employees
Pickett Accelerated School Employees

Recycling Corp.
Rent-All Equipment Inc.
Saint Joe Distributing
Seaman & Schuske Metal Co.
Shamrad Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Spring Garden Middle School Employees

St. Joseph Electric Supply Co.
St. Joseph PTA Council
Steve Archer Agency
UMB Bank n.a.

BUSINESS DONOR ($25 - $99)

All Creatures Animal Hospital
Bags & Boxes II
Bonebrake Vision & Eye Center, LLC
Coleman School PTA
Dave's Diesel Service Inc.
Dillon Company
Eugene Field School PTA
F. L. Skaith Elementary PTA
Frame Station, LLC

George Bode Middle School Employees
Harry Truman Middle School Employees

Hausman Metal Works & Roofing, Inc.

Hillyard Technical Center Employees

Home Style Furniture, Inc.

Humboldt School Employees
Hyde Accelerated School Employees

Joe's Auto Service

John J. Pershing Accelerated School Employees

Leibowitz Menswear
Martin & Hanway CPA
Nick Koeteman State Farm
Optimist Club of St. Joseph, Inc.

Parkway Accelerated School Employees

Pine Valley Contracting 


Bank of America
Caterpillar Foundation
Pepsico Foundation
U.S. Bancorp Foundation  

Individual Contributors


In Honor of 
Diane Nicholas
Mary F. Keck

In Memory of 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Bishop
Sandra S. McGuire

Pat Brock

Betty Moles Specker

Mary Jane (Angel) Browning

Sharon Womach

Gregory Cox

Midwest Artist Association

Elizabeth Didlo
Diane Waddell

Linda Dilla
Connie Mayfield

Xerma Dowdy
Tammi Hale

Matilda Fitzpatrick
Marcy George

 John Francis
Sharon Womach

Don Haage
Marge Haage

Dan Heckman
Carol Heckman

Leon S. Henderson
Anna B. Henderson

Debbie Herbert
Jennifer & Jason Taylor

Mike Hirter, former Police Chief & Deputy Mayor
Dawn Hirter

Shirley Hogan
Nancy and Kevin Kirby

Alice E. Kneib
Francis A. Kneib

George Lockwood
Eileen Lockwood

Shirley Madigan
Dr. Kevin Madigan

Lola Lou Miller
Rhonda Hoselton

Ruth Morrow
Ruth Thorton

Pat Newland
Michele Grinnan

Charlotte Oliver
Beverley Lehman

Tonya K. O’Neal
Mike and Debra O’Neal

Patricia “Tish” Oswalt
Bridget Blevins

Our Parents
Drs. Robert and Laurel Vartabedian

Helen M. (Mrs. Ben) Prentiss
Miss Margo Prentiss

Kathryn and Vincent Punzo
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Anderson

Garth Smith
Sally Smith

Lester E. (Tommy) and Marjorie Thompson
Sharmyn Thompson

Margaret Trout
Don Trout

Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Ullery
Terry McKellar

Chad Utterback (1974-1988)
Pamela Kirkpatrick

Colleen S. Vale
Sandra Fry (daughter)

Roger Wright
Pat Wright 

TRAILBLAZER ($1,000 & above)

Dr. and Mrs. R. Philip Acuff
Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Andres
Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Beheler
Dr. Robert & Karen Corder
Joe Gray
Leah Spratt Charitable Trust
Kay Karasek
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Laney
Norma J. & William J. Kenny Charitable Trust, U.S. Bank, N.A. Trustee
Dr. & Mrs. James Murphy
Joyce Nixon
Dr. & Mrs. John Olson
Brad and Lisa Scott
Hofheimer Charitable Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Stevens
Larry and Joyce Stobbs
Tama Wagne

TRENDSETTER ($500 - $999)

David and Suzy Bradley
Barbara Braznell & Michael D. DePriest, M.D.
Stephen and Nancy Briggs
Kevin and Kate Brunk
Carroll and Pat Cathey
Mark and Julie Cochran
Eileen Dyer
James L. and Connie Saxton Fly
James T. and Karen Graves
Jo Anne and Marty Grey
Chuck and Angie Hazelwood
Dr. William & Cindy Humphreys
Scott Johnson
Brett & Melissa Lackey
Dr. David Mena
Drs. Scott & Caroline Clark Murphy
Drs. Krikor and Kay Partamian
Dr. Steven Poplaw
Nancy Potter
Dr. and Mrs. Raj Rangineni
Charles and Margaret Salanski
Lowenberg Charitable Trust
Mabel and H.S. "Hod" Symes
Claudine Wilson
John and Donna M. Wilson

TRENDSETTER ($250 - $499)

Jose Alvarez, MD
Jerry and Joanne Anderson
William & Lisa Logan Armbruster
Linda Bahrke
Dr. and Mrs. Wendell Bronson
Clay Buntrock
Bill and Joy Cole
Bobbie and Brian Cronk
Dan and Chris Danford
Dick and Linda Deschane
Richard and Mignon DeShon
Teresa Fankhauser and Erich Uhlhorn
Frank and Salli Freudenthal
Marcy George
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Goeking
Dyann and Ron Green
Marge Haage
Mary Ann Haenni
Mark and Vicki Hargens
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Jacks
Deon and Karen Jensen
Mary Korneman
Eileen Lockwood
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Long
Dr. Chris Looney
John and Kay Mallon
Judge Keith and Corky Marquart
Carol and Russell Matt
Mr. and Mrs. Denton Matteson
Barbara Maxwell
Drs. Scott McGuire and Nancy Brecheisen
Dr. and Mrs. James McMillen
Mr. W. K. Means
Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Moya
Dr. George and Phyllis Mulder
Bill and Roseanne Mytton
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Nellestein
Dr. Rebecca Preston
Keith J. and Alison Schieber
Ina Schowengerdt
Dr. Jane and Dan Schwabe
Heather and Ken Shearin
Dr. and Mrs. Ross Shuman
Ray and Jeri Burke Sisson
Melody and Larry Smith
Dr. & Mrs. C. Daniel Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith
Mr. Gerald Sprong
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Turk
Drs. Robert and Laurel Vartabedian
Don and Ann Weston
John and Ali Wray
Ralph and Jan Young
Robert Zink, MD

FRIEND ($100 - $249)

Shelley Allen
Shirlee Allen
George and Carol Almanza
Dr. Blake Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Norman F. Baade
Bill and Margaret Bangerter
John P. Barclay, Jr.
Mrs. Henry F. Bayer
Dr. David Benz
Dr. Ellis Berkowitz
Debra and Barry Birr
Becky Boerkircher
Loretta and E.D. Boice
Dan and Dale Boulware
Mike and Susan Bracciano
Mike Brickey
Dr. Jack Bridges
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Brock III
Drs. Scott and Susan Brown
Dana Browning
Kerry Bunker
Maj Timothy Burns
Charlie and Patti Burri
Mark Burton
Jim and Susan Carolus
Bill and Sally Carpenter
Nancy and Charles W. Clisbee
Mary M. Cole
Dan and Susan Colgan
Mrs. Sue Comley
Barb & Dan Connor
Jim and Helen Connors
Rep. Pat and Mary Conway
Mary Cornett
Zac Coughlin
Richard and Barbara Crumley
Leanne & Tim Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Larry DeShon
Pat & Nancy Reese-Dillon
Jean and Cliff Duggar
Megan Dwyer
Joe Elliott
Lanny and Janet Ellis
Paul Epp, MD
Richard and Sharon Evers
Mary Jane Fields
John and Karen Foley
Dr. & Mrs. Scott Folk
Stephanie Francis
Jane and Lyman Frick
Leslie Galbreath, Ed.D
Valdon and Jean Galloway
John and Connie Gibson
Terri Godfrey
Lawrence Goldberg and Dr. Patricia Boice
David and Nancy Gregory
Dr. Steven Greiert
Amy Grier
Kevin Griffin
Michele Grinnan
Sharron and Jim Guest
Mr. and Mrs. Clark W. Hampton
Fred and Ann Hannah
Cosette Hardwick
Gloria and Stanley Harris
Dan Hegeman
Anita and David Hendrickson
M. Scott and Kathy Hillyard
Sharaon Hinderks
Gordon and Beverly Hopkins
David and Heidi Hornaday
Phil and Margie Hornbostel
Mike and Janet Houston
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Houts, Jr.
Bill and Pam Hurley
Roger and Debby Ideker
Rosalie and Jim Ingle
Jackson and Evelyn Jordan-Isaacs
Randy and Marcia Johnson
Elizabeth Jones
John and Jennifer Josendale
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Kammerer
Judge Dan and Jennifer Kellogg
Julia Kiesselbach Mullican
Drs. Ed and Carlyn Kline
Dorothy Kneib
Sharon and Larry Kosek
Benjamin Krog, MD
Norman and Joan Lang
Geraldine Lawhon
Gene and Jean Lawhon
Beverley J. Lehman
Jeff and LeeAnn Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. David Liechti
Dr. and Mrs. Mark F. Lierz
Patt and Sherri Lilly
Faye Litvak
David Lochhead
Bob and Judy Long
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Lowenberg
Matthew Lukens, MD
Dr. Roger Maalouf
Dr. Kevin Madigan
Neal and Carlene Makawski
Dr. Gordon Mapley
Mark Matthews
Brad McAnally
Mrs. Birt McClure
Jennifer and Shane McDonald
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace McDonald
Sandra McGuire
Terry McKellar
Cathy McKim
Bill and Judy McMurray
Rico McNeela
Mrs. Jan Mehl
Dave and Carol Merrifield
Jeanne M. Meyer
Carol and Casey Meyers
Dorothy Miriani
Dr. and Mrs. Randall Mitchem
Jerry and Sandra Mogg
L. Dent and Janice Morriss
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Mullican
Dr. and Mrs. Phil Mullins
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Myers
Gary and Sally Myers
Chau Nguyen, MD
Ron and Peggy Olinger
Michael and Debra O'Neal
Jim and Barb Patrick
Wallace N. Patrick
Bill and Mary Ann Penniston
Vince Perry
Dr. and Mrs. Brent Peterson
Carol and Mike Pittman
Valyne Pochop and Alan Stolfus
Margo Prentiss
Janet Pullen
Barb and Aaron Ranner
Natalie Redmond
Mrs. Ronald Reed, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Remington
William and Kitty Richards
Linda Riddle
Gordon and June Robaska
David and Jenny Roberts
Jim and Carol Roever
Thomas and Jackie Runyan
Judy Sabbert
Bill Schaller
Chris and Bruce Schmitter
Tom and Julia Schneider
Sally A. Schwab
Dwight and Debby Scroggins
Paul and Audrey Shandley
Debra Shell
Eleanor Shepherd-Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Hemant K. Sheth
David and Sonja Shinneman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Simpson
Bob and Charlene Slater
Sally Smith
Mark Sonnenmoser
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Stallard
Norman and Nola Stickler
Joyce Stohr
Bob and Mary Helen Stuber
Frank & Jacqueline De-Koster Thomas
Sharmyn Thompson
Lynn Thuente
Dr. and Mrs. Davin G. Turner
Mrs. Robert Urquhart
Darren and Peggy Verbick
Donald and Carole Vollintine
Diane Waddell
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Wade
John and Diane Watson
Mildred Weaver
Kim and Tim Weddle
Karl C. Wellenkoetter
Mr. & Mrs. William Wenz
Jeanette Westfall
Dawn Williams
Janice and Dave Wing
Sharon Womach
George H. Wood
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Wright
Patricia Wright
Stephen D. and Barbara E. Wurtzler
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Zeiler
Sherry Xiaoyan Zhou

FRIEND ($50 - $99)

Pat Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Anderson
Lynthia Andrews, D.O.
Josh and Lindsey Bachman
Victoria Barclay
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Barr
Phyllis Benitz
Linda and David Berger
Dr. Brenda Blessing
Linda Borger
Patricia A. Bossert
Donna Jean Boyer
Lori Boyer
Mary Lou Breit
David Bridenstine
Mark and Kathy Brock
Kirby Brooner
Mrs. Orman Brooner
Drew and Charlene Brown
Robert A. Brown, Jr.
Bill and Cecilia Brunner
Carl and Marian Bryan
Bob Bucher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Butler
Kevin Cagg
Selina Chappell
Martha Chesney
Melissa Chesnut
JoAnn and John Christman
Chris Colman
Frank Connett, Jr.
David Cripe
Roxanne and James Dale
Bob Dempster
Jaime Dial
Faye Eckert
Daniel Owen Eckhoff
Joyce Edwards
Maggie Elder
Peggy Ellis
Dennis and Deborah Ellsworth
A.M. (Susie) Evans
Keith and Shirley Evans
Mel and Jo Eyberg
Judy Fields
Chrissy Fike
Carl and Esther Firkins
Margaret Fox
Sandra Fry
Becky and Dick Fye
Brian Gach
Deborah Gentry
Sharon Gillespie
Carol Gilpin
Charisse Giseburt
Dr. Lisa Goin
Gary and Barbara Graves
Judy Grimes
Tammi Hale
Stan & Doris Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Harsh
Sherry and Larry Hausman
Drs. Abha K. Havaldar and Kenneth Shewell
Carol Heckman
Cort and Tracee Hegarty
Eddie Herndon and Sue Creason
Patricia and Maurice E. Hesson
Karen Heyde-Lipanovich
John and Joan Hickman
Mrs. Carroll Hicks
Dave and Penny Hillsman
Scott and Mary Hinde
Danielle Holmes and Juana Mister
Jason and Tara Horn
Mary Houston
Leslie and Brandon Hovenga
Nancy Huffman
Fred & Barb Ide
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Ingino
John and Nancy Joe
Mr. Sidney Beery Johnson, III
Ashley and Taylor Jones
Judge Weldon and Linda Judah
Mrs. Nadyne Justin
Debra Keller
Don and Ruth Kelly
Lucinda and Ray Kerns, Jr.
Cathy and Rick Ketter
Misty Kikoler
Nancy & Kevin Kirby
Jerry and Debbie Knadler
Francis Kneib
Kyle and Jennifer Koch
Jacklyn Koeneman
Kim Kraut
Dale and Barbara Krueger
Nancy and Dick Kuntz
Marilyn Lance
Jeff and Kris Langdon
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Lewis, Jr.
Natalie C. Lewis
William and Debra Lipira
Steven Lorimor
William and Nancy Lutes
Don and Sara Mahaffy
Dr. and Mrs. James Marston
Roni Mauer
Steve and Rhoda McAllister
Megan McCamy
Andrew McGarrell
Judith and Steven Meyer
Maxine J. Meyer
Amy Miller
Howard and Linda Miller
Sandy Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Miner
Dr. Lynette Montgomery
George and Leanne Murray
Sheila Murray
Dr. Helen Nguyen
Mari Ann Parker
Nancy Pease
Stephen and Barbara Poage
Michael Portman
David and Sallie Jo Potter
Sandra L. Prescher
Ken Puckett
Sondra Quick
Rick and Beth Ream
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Richmond
Deb Rieger
Dr. and Mrs. William Rippe
Kristy Safley
Laurie and David Salanski
Terri Sallee
Elizabeth and Fred Sawin
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schiesl
Kathleen Schmidt
Mary Sedlacek
Terry and Marlene Seiter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shields
Julie Silliman
Connie Smith
Kevin and Laura Smith
Sandra and Calvin Smith
Thomas P. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Speltz
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgat
Barb and Jim Squires
Patrick and Deirdre Squires
Dennis and Karen Steeby
Terry and Trish Steinbecker
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Steury
Sarah Stockett
Dorairaj Suresh, MD
Gary and Willa Swanson
Judge Ronald E. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Teeter
Cheryl Thacker
Robert S. Thedinger
Jim and Jo Thompson
Creath and Ann Thorne
Ruth Thornton
Heidi Tipton
Martha Trail
Shannon Tritten
Don Trout
Dr. and Mrs. James Trout
Karen and Royal Turner
Shirley Twombly
Jerry and Judy VanVickle
David and Jill Waller
Jocelyn and Tony Washburn
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Watson
Lucinda Weaver and Jim Yount
Clyde Weeks
Kathy Wessler
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth West II
Rhea Williams-Carpentieri
Paula Winfrey
Craig Wolf
Diana Wood
Ross Woodbury
Junping Yang, M.D.
Judy and Sonny Younger
Elizabeth and Curtis Zahnd

FRIEND ($25 - $49)

Betty June Adams
Sherry Anderson
Kathy Atchity
Joy Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Barnett
Barbara Barton
Ronald and Sara Beaver
Janell Becerra
David W. Bennett
Bridget Blevins
Michelle Bolton
Melody and Norman Boring
Rosan Bowers
Stacey and Chad Bradford
Connie Brock
Mr. & Mrs. William Brown
Denise Buersmeyer
Nadine Burns
Ruth Anne Bush
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Byrd
Pat Casey
Barry Claywell
John Cool
Candy Cox
Carol Criss
Corla Dawson
Grace and Milton Day
Richard and Kathryn Demarest
Debbie Demuth
Dianne and Corky Dewey
Vicky Dobosz
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Dodds
Marilyn Drannan
Shawn, Kate and Abby Drew
Donna Duke
Barb and Mike Edwards
Sharon Eggleston
Lisa Erdman
Serena Euler
Carol Fairlie
Mrs. Connie Fankhauser
Jack Fennel
Janet Fite
Frances Flanagan
V. Kenneth Flint
Mrs. Diane Ford
Jennifer Frazier
Debby Fry
Shannon Fuller
Virginia Galbraith
Judy Galbreath
Linda Geib
Lana Gibson
Jeannine Glise
Sharon Gray
Ken and Dorothy Halbert
Jennifer Hale
Roma Halsey
Miranda Ham
Sandra Hamilton
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hamlin
Dr. Howard Harmsen
Jerry and Hannorah Harrah
Barbara M. Harris
Bonnie Hartigan
Kerry Harvey
Ann Heidendal
Dawn Hirter
Kathleen Holeman & Steve Potter
William and Amelia Hooper
Tad and Annushka Hopkins
Rhonda Hoselton
John T. and Ellen Hughes
Millie Humphreys
Kristy Johnson
Lori Jones
John and Jane Joseph
Mary F. Keck
C.H. "Butch" Ketter
Melissa and Vincent Koch
Patty Kuechler
Larry and Virginia Lambing
Larry W. Lucas, Jr.
Karen Luke
Stefanie Lyle
Shawna Macrander
Lou Ann Mahlandt
Sara Markt
Kim Mayo
Sharon McKinney
William and Virginia McLaughlin
Kay Medsker
Greg Miller
Nancy Miller
Pam Miller
Betty Moles-Specker
Jeff and Ginger Montgomery
James Mulder
Shirley Murphy
Amy and Grover Musser
Steve O'Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Organ
Dan and Pam Ousley
Stacey Park
Dorathea Polsky
Cheryl Rasmussen
Dolores Reeder
Barbara Reiner
Wes and Mary Beth Revels
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Reynolds
Margaret Rinehart
Becky and Rex Robinson
Meagan Root
Randy and Vicki Rowland
Patricia Sander
Enid R. Schneider
Jennifer Schultz
Jane Schuster
Joyce Schuster
Beth Sharp
Mark and Candy Sheehan
Danielle Silvey
Elaine Smith
Arlene Sollars
Jan Stockbauer
Tyran Sumy
Marguerite Swartz
Mrs. Tamara Talbot
Wanda and George Taylor
Bill and Virginia Thedinga
Leslie Thompson
Karen Thurnau
Alene and Ada Tourbier
Susie Turner
Myron and Connie Unzicker
Linda VanDyke
Susan Ventura
Gerry and Charley Watson
Edward and Jean Weber
Ed West
Charles and Anita Willits
Denise Young
Ronald and Phyllis Zirkle

Thank you also to all who support the arts in any amount.


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