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Meet the 2017 Arts Fund Chairs:

The Allied Arts Council proudly announces Denise Meyer and Pat Dillon have accepted the positions the 2017 Arts Fund co-chairs.  The two have stepped into the role with one specific focus in mind: keeping the arts alive in the St. Joseph community.

This is Dillon’s second time as an Arts Fund Co- Chair. He and his wife Nancy chaired the campaign together many years ago.

"I feel it is always important to give back to your community," said Dillon. "Helping the Arts achieve their goal continues to strengthen our community by offering wonderful entertainment for our region."

The partners believe that St. Joseph is a viable arts community and there are many reasons to keep a vibrant arts culture. One reason is that the arts allow us to offer a full menu of options as to why St. Joseph is such a great place to live. Another is the economic impact that the arts have on the community.

"Fine arts improve the quality of life," said Meyer.

When asked what the plans are for the upcoming year, Dillon and Meyer said they hope to make this year’s campaign very visible and reinforce the idea that the arts are a very important piece of our community puzzle.

Your contribution to the annual Arts Fund campaign supports the works of these agencies.

2017 Funded Agencies:

Allied Arts Council
Creative Arts Productions
Performing Arts Association

Robidoux Resident Theatre
St. Joseph Community Chorus
Saint Joseph Symphony 


The Arts Impact

  • Produce a $10.9 million industry in Buchanan County

  • Provide 489 full-time jobs in Buchanan County, leading to $9,770,000 in household income

  • Employment in arts-related jobs are set to rise 16% through 2016, which is faster than the national average in most fields

  • Deliver $889,000 in government revenue, $438,000 in local revenue, and $451,000 in state revenue

  • The arts are the cornerstone of tourism. Arts travelers are ideal tourists- they stay longer and spend more

  • Help local merchants. Funded agencies bring arts events to our community allowing local arts attendees to spend $14.14 per person, and non residents $22.21 in our community per event.



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