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Fine Crafters Trails West! 2015

August 21-23, 2015

Trails West!� Folk Art
photo courtesy of Drew Brown


2015 Folk Artists
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children's items made from recycled items, and custom birdhouses
In My Second Life
handmade jewelry pieces made with reused, repurposed vintage items
Lake Mizzou Rustic
cedar furniture
Milla's Custom Creations /
Knot Too Shabby

wire wrapped jewelry, handsewn purses etc.
Momo Bands
non-slip adjustable headbands
Natalia's Knitting
handmade knitting creations
Stain Glass Creations
hand crafted stain glass
Caricatures by Dorinda
caricatures drawn live in black and white or color
Hillside Honey
pure raw local honey, infused honey, creamed honey, bees wax, bee pollen, lotion bars, lip balms, hand cream, soaps
Waxed Roses
real roses preserved in wax, done live!
Creative Designs by Cathy Lee
inspired by natural stones and crystals for an earty feel

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