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board of directors
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Byron Myers, President
Dr. Melody Smith, 1st Vice President
Shana Meyer, 2nd Vice President
Robert Dempster, Treasurer
Lee Ann Smiley, Secretary

Board members:

Shaun Agnew
Amy Basch
Brendon Clark
Lanny Ellis
Trudie Diaz Farmer
James Fisher
Gary Frazer
Jackie Grimwood
Mary Jo Hornaday
Karen Jensen
Lisa Logan
Dr. Gordon Mapley
Denise Meyer

Nominating Committee:

James Fisher
Jackie Grimwood
Amy Jackson
Lyndsey Mena
Shana Meyer

Morton Fund Trustees:

Eileen Dyer
Judy McMurray
Jan Mehl
Shane McDonald
Dr. Allison Sauls
Nicholas Robb
Jane Nelson Thompson

Sandy Miller
Robbie Morton
Cheryl Rasmussen
Ralph Schank
Alison Schieber
Stacy Smith
Tom Smith
Larry Stobbs
Jane Nelson Thompson
Donna Turk
Darren Verbick
Sue Wagner
Susie Willenbrink

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