10 Reasons To Give

  1. The arts create community. Every year funded agencies provide over 380 events, workshops and performances.
  2. The arts are an industry. The arts in Buchanan County produce $10.9 million.
  3. The arts provide jobs in our community. Over 489 full-time jobs in Buchanan County, with $9,770,000 in total household income. Employment in arts-related jobs is set to rise 16% through 2016, which is faster than national average in most fields.
  4. The arts are the cornerstone of tourism. Arts travelers are ideal tourists - they stay longer and spend more.
  5. Our community benefits from your donations. Funded agencies bring arts events to our community and local arts attendees spend $14.14 per person, and non-residents $22.21 in our community per event.
  6. The arts provide volunteer opportunities. Funded agencies provide over 2,600 volunteers with over 43,200 hours of volunteer opportunities annually.
  7. Help the arts survive in St. Joseph. Funded agencies rely on Arts Fund allocations for 25% of the dollars necessary to provide top quality.
  8. The arts break language barriers. Art is a universal language. The arts allow us to break down racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers, and communicate with each other.
  9. The arts improve academics and enhance test scores, attitudes, social skills, and critical and creative thinking for the children in our community.
  10. Your gift lives on for future generations. Your donation helps provide outlets for artists to create and continue our vibrant culture.