About The Endowment

Purpose: What does the Arts Fund Endowment add to existing arts funding in St. Joseph? The purpose of the endowment is to add a source of permanent funding for the Arts Fund of the Allied Arts Council, a 501c3 corporation, and its member agencies, with the sole focus on funding arts organizations.

Impact: How does the Arts Fund Endowment impact our community? With your help, we can create a lasting fund for the arts in our community. As soon as funds allow, the Endowment will provide additional funding for the Arts Fund.

Future: The arts should be attainable for all today and tomorrow. When the economy declines the arts are the first to suffer financially. The Endowment will allow funded agencies to continue to make the arts accessible regardless of income. You can help by leaving a legacy to the Arts Fund Endowment, while at the same time providing yourself and your family (or other beneficiaries) with significant tax benefits.

Contact Us

Phone: 816.233.0231
Fax: 816.233.6704
Email: artstaff@stjoearts.org
Mail: 118 South 8th Street, St. Joseph, Missouri 64501