Frequently Asked Questions ... 


1.     What is the Allied Arts Council?    A federation of fifteen arts organizations that acts as a catalyst for bringing arts and people together. The Council takes the lead in organizing, fund-raising, advocating, educating, coordinating, and servicing the St. Joseph arts community.  [ more info ]

2.    When did the arts Council begin? The Allied Arts Council, the second oldest arts council in Missouri, was organized in 1963 to provide service to St. Joseph area arts organizations, artists, and the general public.  The Council has since grown into a federation of sixteen arts agencies and now produces community arts programs, raises funds, promotes public awareness, and provides service and support to its member agencies.  [ more info ]

3.    What is the Arts Fund? A united, annual appeal to organizations, businesses, and individuals to support the arts organizations participating in the drive. The Arts Fund is program of the Allied Arts Council. [ more info ]

4.    Which agencies are funded by the Arts Fund?  [ more info ]

Allied Arts Council

Creative Arts Productions              

Performing Arts Association


Robidoux Resident Theatre

St. Joseph Community Chorus

Saint Joseph Symphony

5.    What other organizations belong to the Allied Arts Council?  [ more info ]   

  American Guild of Organists 

Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art

Junior League of St. Joseph

Midwest Artist Association

 Runcie Club 

St. Joseph Figure Skating Club

St. Joseph Historical Society

St. Joseph Museums, Inc.

Voices of America